Chairman Message

Bringing out global managers

Our ancient Sages opined that ‘This Word is one Family’ – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Yes, with the onset of globalisation in 1991-92, the world is in fact becoming smaller. As businesses continue in this journey of globalization, they face more opportunities and challenges in the areas of understanding of customer and employee behaviour in marketing of their products in different markets with different cultural and social perceptions. In shaping the organisations, the role of business schools in moulding future managers becomes very important. B Schools need to focus on ensuring the students fully understand the way business are conducted in a global environment which is complicated and requires careful planning and understanding of markets.This is accentuated by the fact that every foreign market will have its own political systems, economic systems and cultural behaviour.

While the economy and the global environment often stellar play roles in bringing out changes, that could make the organisations flexible and adaptive to enable encash the opportunities that are made available, a proper training and flexi-academic practices at the management schools will contribute to building a mindset in the people that can lead the organisations to increased performance ultimately contributing to the bottom line.

It is this building of adaptable mind set in students that we at Bhavan’s Management Institutes aim at. Our incorporating of flexi academic practices and outbound adventure learning is solely aimed at this idea to prepare students to develop the the ability to remain calm under pressure, plan the businesses and lead the teams.

As an effective leader one must think creatively to suggest organizational changes that best serve the employees and the customers. To be a successful leader in a global expanse, one must possess a long-term vision that he can communicate to his multi-racial and multi-cultural colleagues so they can best put the changes into action.

Normally, we have seen that management education does little to transmit the critical importance of ‘core values, deep purpose and philosophy’ that become integral to the life of a practicing manager. Focus is excessively tilted towards the ‘outer’ space of the manager’s vocation (ends and outcomes) Essentially, Knowledge enrichment must consist of conquering the hearts and souls of people engaged in business.

Kulpati Dr. K M Munshiji, founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, says so of inculcating culture in people:

An Engineer has not merely to build bridges; he has to be a devoted husband, a kind father, a friendly neighbour, a dutiful citizen and man true to himself. He will have trials and tribulations; his heart will fail him at times; he will then need the strength which culture alone can give

We at Bhavan’s Priyamvada Birla Institute of Management, will continue our tryst with bringing out managers with this mindset.