Adventure Learning at Garwale

Adventure Learning at Garwale

Leadership Training & Team Building Training set in the outbound format is very popular programme today. Our training for leadership through our Outbound Training Program creatively uses nature as a backdrop.

For providing all round development of students, the education sector is adopting many conventional and unconventional learning models. More specifically, aspects like development of leadership qualities, participation in teams, communication with team members, overcoming inhibitions become prime concerns in Outbound Learning Process. It is felt by many educationists and psychologists that imparting these aspects would be more effective in an outbound learning with nature as backdrop than in any conventional method of learning. For students who would be managers in future managing institutions and business it is imperative that the above aspects are effectively imbibed. Let us see how this training is imparted at Garwale and how this training will benefit the students in their careers.

Adventure Learning at Garwale

It is generally seen that a manager must essentially have the following skills :-

  • Overcome the personal barriers and communicating with the employees
  • Leadership qualities
  • Team Building
  • Finding solutions for the problems
  • Making the team members participate pro-actively
  • Encouraging and motivating the team members.

At present, the human resource development is a prime concern of every organization. Focus of every HR chief, today is that every business manager has not to merely function as a supervisor but he has to be a good leader, needs to have adequate skills to guide his team members, a good counsellor, take important and tough decisions in a short time. Hence HR manager is an important key to effective functioning of organization and its success.

Garwale Outbound Adventure Learning (GOAL) Centre

Located in the picturesque backdrop of Garwale located in the district of Kodagu also known as the Scotland of India, Bhavan’s GOAL gives a specialized training in this unconventional model of outbound adventure learning, making it an experience of life time.  The special features of the training at the centre are:

  1. Special Equipment for adventure learning
  2. Slurry enclosure
  3. Crossing the river
  4. Ample opportunity for trekking in the forests and hillocks
  5. Theatre for Role playing

In this experiential learning, the trainees will be able to keenly observe their own behaviour and behaviour and communication patterns of the team members, and analyze them. This analysis will help in formulating the changes in the strategies and relationships and implement them immediately. It will also be possible for the individual to assess his/her communication skills, hone them and interact adequately.

In a nutshell, the trainees will be able to learn about forming of teams and effectively participate for achieving success in the plans. This kind of experiential learning will help measure organization leadership.

All this knowledge gained through games in a beneficial environment will help in the trainees overcoming inhibitions; bring in cohesiveness between members of the team. The learning will also enable identifying the gaps in communication and facilitate correction in behavioural patterns. Built in the seemingly innocuous management games and adventure sports, is a learning that employees carry with them and from which will emerge personal achievements and traits that would have been hitherto unknown and also a realization of the importance of the roles of others. It is more pertinent, a realization that how important it is for each member to work together towards the fulfillment of a larger objective to achieve the organization’s mission.

Why Outbound Adventure learning ?

Somebody has said “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

Going through these games, the individuals to understand the objectives of the organization, understand the roles and proactively interact with other members of the organization. All these actions call for adequate mix of capability, strength, tolerance, concentration and skills.

The games and team activities like trekking, river crossing rock climbing will enable the individuals will able to overcome fear and take bold and tough decisions with courage. The individuals bloom out of their inhibitions into all encompassing compassionate members of the organization. This learning will create a platform for personality development and help sharpen and fine tune their actions in the families and the society also thereby creating a good employee, bold entrepreneur and a dutiful citizen. Change will also be seen in realigning their individual objectives with the organization goals and mission.

Bhavan is using GOAL to impart this experiential learning to all the students of its management institutes in Bangalore, Mysore and Dharwad.